Happy New Year

I’d like to emphasize the word ‘Happy’. There’ll be annoying, sad, and scary moments for all of us but sometimes it really is up to us and we just focus on the wrong things. One thing I’ve never understood is why some people seem to spend a great amount of time on things or other people that they hate. And needless to say this happens in Fan World too. Isn’t it a waste of time and energy? Why would you want to spend hours talking about someone you dislike? Why would it make you feel better to know you’ve just upset someone? It doesn’t even matter whether the dislike is justified or not.

Now here’s a thought….maybe in 2012 we could all try to focus on our likes rather than our dislikes. Talk about the things that you think are fantastic, and the reactions will be very different. It’ll make us happier, and it’ll make others happier.

So, Happy New Year! We’ve got a new album and tour to look forward to, doesn’t that sound very promising?

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Here’s the next charity thing… Ronan has been tweeting beardy pics hoping to raise money for the Marie Keating Foundation. We think he’s starting to look slightly dodgy (he seems to think so too) but still strangely attractive! That man can pull off anything. However we can’t wait for December when he can start shaving again…!

He will love you if you make a little donation!



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Ronan, cocky? You’ve got to be joking

The one thing Ronan has been called the most this week in relation to X Factor is “cocky”. It seems people have found him just a bit too confident on the show. This upsets me because anyone who knows him will also know that he is anything but cocky. We know he wants to win, but not everything he says is meant in a dead serious way and it seems some people are getting him wrong. It’s sad because people should be liking him for his lovely personality rather than diss him for something he’s not. He isn’t here to annoy anyone and after all it’s only a TV show.  But maybe he should gear down a bit so that people see him for who he is… Maybe the fact that one of his acts was bottom two this week will change things for next week. It would be good to see more nice comments about him again because he doesn’t deserve all this resentment!!

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Been a while

Sorry it has been so quiet on here. You know how the non-virtual world sometimes just takes over, but we’re still here and keeping an eye on all things Ronan…who is in Australia now for the X Factor, and…well, let’s say we think he’s unlikely to be the first judge to have all three acts voted out. There’s been many complimentary comments on his mentoring and his choices.

A while ago, a link took me to some older concert pics and…well…do you remember those big ‘RONAN’ lights? Yes? I remember them being in use for a good long time and eventually fans started moaning and wanting something different. But now… Wouldn’t you like to see those lights again? I am not sure if we appreciated it enough at the time. That message… RONAN.

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A post about dedication

I was reading through a fan forum for a different act this week and through a thread where the fans were discussing their worries about one of the singers during a difficult period in their personal life, and it made me feel emotional. It was a completely different situation but felt so familiar. It makes you realise how many others go through what you have gone through, just for a different person, like a parallel universe. From “They mean everything to me and I don’t know where I would be without them” to “I hate being a fan right now because I’m much too worried”, you’ve had all of these thoughts yourself at one point. You’ve supported this person for so many years and they’ve become a part of your life and a part of yourself, and even when it’s no fun at all, you can’t escape the vocation. It’s not like you’ve got much of a choice. And you often think that no one understands you, but there’s so many out there who do.

In some way, it’s a beautiful thing.

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Clip from the X Factor auditions

It may be a Guy Sebastian video, and Guy may be good at what he does, but admit it – did you look at Guy once while watching? I’d happily stare at Ronan sitting there chewing sweets for hours, especially when he seems so happy and relaxed. Watching X Factor is going to be so very enjoyable this year!

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Speaking of perfection,

HOW good? But we don’t want to get too carried away by the looks (yes – hard not to!!!)…because let’s not forget that Ronan is taking on a tremendous challenge (physical as well as mental, for it will take more willpower than we can imagine) not for his own benefit but to help people in need…complete strangers to him that he has never met and will never meet. He says he’s scared of the swim, but he’s doing it anyway. Would you do it? Most of us probably wouldn’t. He does not get half the recognition he deserves for his charity work. But doesn’t it make you feel proud that he has become such a driving force for charity campaigns? It says so much about him.

Please donate a bit of money. We can’t let Ronan down; we must reassure him that his work is paying off. It will give him the energy to succeed.

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Ronan in Sydney

Ronan Keating, you may not be perfect but you’re pretty damn close to it. Apart from being a lovely person…he pulls your heartstrings by just looking at you (or the camera for that matter).
Photos courtesy of @NigelStanislaus on Twitter

Ronan in SydneyRonan in Sydney

So he’s going to be starring in the movie “Goddess”,  for which filming has just started. Can you wait?? How great that this is working out for him because we know he’s wanted to be in a movie for years and his first attempt didn’t work out (remember Guns, Money & Home Cooking?)

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“When Ronan Met Burt”

OK so When Ronan Met Burt is beautiful and has been on repeat since it came out… it’s different to everything he’s done before, which is good, it would be nice to get some original Ronan songs again in the near future, but this is a beautiful little record. Ronan’s voice sounds incredible, you can hear he’s put his heart and soul into this, that’s how raw and emotional his vocals are. He’s been saying how difficult it was for him to get it all right in the studio but now when he sings the songs on TV he sounds just as fantastic.
The orchestra is brilliant too, the only ‘downside’ is that it makes all tracks sound a bit similar to each other, not necessarily a bad thing, but – I guess we’re just all hungry for a really new album with different kinds of songs on.

For now all we want is for Ronan to announce some shows with Burt and that would be such a proud moment… come on Ronan!

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“When Ronan Met Burt” Out Now!!

'When Ronan Met Burt'Well, not quite yet, but on Monday, March 21st. Ronan and Burt Bacharach recorded this album in Los Angeles, with Ronan singing, accompanied by a live orchestra, and Burt arranging. Check out more details on Amazon.

Watch a brilliant little documentary on the making of the album on youtube here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 . If that doesn’t make you feel excited then nothing will!

We will post our thoughts on the album next week… meanwhile, tell us what you think!

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