Looking back on 2010

So, why not start this off by talking about how the majority of us Ronan fans are feeling about our man at the moment… to sum it up in one word – proud. He went through hell this year and it may have been his fault, but that probably just made it all the more difficult. He’s come out on top of it all and he has shown so much maturity, and I just feel so proud knowing that I supported him through all of this… like I’m sure most of us do. That’s not to say that he did no wrong, but the way he handled the situation afterwards clearly proved (once again) what a wonderful person he really is, and how much he deserved all our support.

On a happier note, the year brought us an amazing tour, during which I think Ronan regained so much confidence as a performer… and it brought us the fabulous Duet album (now playing as we speak) whilst Ronan was in Australia for the X Factor. He made a bunch of very close new friends down there, including Guy Sebastian and of course Altiyan Childs, who to our excitement won the X Factor – hopefully these friendships will lead to further collaborations in the future.

Anyway, I think we can safely say that after a difficult year the worst is behind, Ronan is back to his normal gorgeous self – I think if anything, he’s a better person now and we’ve got so much to look forward to. We can’t wait!


About ronankeatingfans

We love Ronan. Always will.
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