“When Ronan Met Burt”

OK so When Ronan Met Burt is beautiful and has been on repeat since it came out… it’s different to everything he’s done before, which is good, it would be nice to get some original Ronan songs again in the near future, but this is a beautiful little record. Ronan’s voice sounds incredible, you can hear he’s put his heart and soul into this, that’s how raw and emotional his vocals are. He’s been saying how difficult it was for him to get it all right in the studio but now when he sings the songs on TV he sounds just as fantastic.
The orchestra is brilliant too, the only ‘downside’ is that it makes all tracks sound a bit similar to each other, not necessarily a bad thing, but – I guess we’re just all hungry for a really new album with different kinds of songs on.

For now all we want is for Ronan to announce some shows with Burt and that would be such a proud moment… come on Ronan!


About ronankeatingfans

We love Ronan. Always will.
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