Speaking of perfection,

HOW good? But we don’t want to get too carried away by the looks (yes – hard not to!!!)…because let’s not forget that Ronan is taking on a tremendous challenge (physical as well as mental, for it will take more willpower than we can imagine) not for his own benefit but to help people in need…complete strangers to him that he has never met and will never meet. He says he’s scared of the swim, but he’s doing it anyway. Would you do it? Most of us probably wouldn’t. He does not get half the recognition he deserves for his charity work. But doesn’t it make you feel proud that he has become such a driving force for charity campaigns? It says so much about him.

Please donate a bit of money. We can’t let Ronan down; we must reassure him that his work is paying off. It will give him the energy to succeed.


About ronankeatingfans

We love Ronan. Always will.
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