Been a while

Sorry it has been so quiet on here. You know how the non-virtual world sometimes just takes over, but we’re still here and keeping an eye on all things Ronan…who is in Australia now for the X Factor, and…well, let’s say we think he’s unlikely to be the first judge to have all three acts voted out. There’s been many complimentary comments on his mentoring and his choices.

A while ago, a link took me to some older concert pics and…well…do you remember those big ‘RONAN’ lights? Yes? I remember them being in use for a good long time and eventually fans started moaning and wanting something different. But now… Wouldn’t you like to see those lights again? I am not sure if we appreciated it enough at the time. That message… RONAN.


About ronankeatingfans

We love Ronan. Always will.
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