Ronan, cocky? You’ve got to be joking

The one thing Ronan has been called the most this week in relation to X Factor is “cocky”. It seems people have found him just a bit too confident on the show. This upsets me because anyone who knows him will also know that he is anything but cocky. We know he wants to win, but not everything he says is meant in a dead serious way and it seems some people are getting him wrong. It’s sad because people should be liking him for his lovely personality rather than diss him for something he’s not. He isn’t here to annoy anyone and after all it’s only a TV show.  But maybe he should gear down a bit so that people see him for who he is… Maybe the fact that one of his acts was bottom two this week will change things for next week. It would be good to see more nice comments about him again because he doesn’t deserve all this resentment!!


About ronankeatingfans

We love Ronan. Always will.
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