Happy New Year

I’d like to emphasize the word ‘Happy’. There’ll be annoying, sad, and scary moments for all of us but sometimes it really is up to us and we just focus on the wrong things. One thing I’ve never understood is why some people seem to spend a great amount of time on things or other people that they hate. And needless to say this happens in Fan World too. Isn’t it a waste of time and energy? Why would you want to spend hours talking about someone you dislike? Why would it make you feel better to know you’ve just upset someone? It doesn’t even matter whether the dislike is justified or not.

Now here’s a thought….maybe in 2012 we could all try to focus on our likes rather than our dislikes. Talk about the things that you think are fantastic, and the reactions will be very different. It’ll make us happier, and it’ll make others happier.

So, Happy New Year! We’ve got a new album and tour to look forward to, doesn’t that sound very promising?


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We love Ronan. Always will.
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