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Happy New Year

I’d like to emphasize the word ‘Happy’. There’ll be annoying, sad, and scary moments for all of us but sometimes it really is up to us and we just focus on the wrong things. One thing I’ve never understood is … Continue reading

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Here’s the next charity thing… Ronan has been tweeting beardy pics hoping to raise money for the Marie Keating Foundation. We think he’s starting to look slightly dodgy (he seems to think so too) but still strangely attractive! That man … Continue reading

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Ronan, cocky? You’ve got to be joking

The one thing Ronan has been called the most this week in relation to X Factor is “cocky”. It seems people have found him just a bit too confident on the show. This upsets me because anyone who knows him … Continue reading

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Been a while

Sorry it has been so quiet on here. You know how the non-virtual world sometimes just takes over, but we’re still here and keeping an eye on all things Ronan…who is in Australia now for the X Factor, and…well, let’s … Continue reading

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A post about dedication

I was reading through a fan forum for a different act this week and through a thread where the fans were discussing their worries about one of the singers during a difficult period in their personal life, and it made … Continue reading

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Clip from the X Factor auditions

It may be a Guy Sebastian video, and Guy may be good at what he does, but admit it – did you look at Guy once while watching? I’d happily stare at Ronan sitting there chewing sweets for hours, especially … Continue reading

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Speaking of perfection,

HOW good? But we don’t want to get too carried away by the looks (yes – hard not to!!!)…because let’s not forget that Ronan is taking on a tremendous challenge (physical as well as mental, for it will take more … Continue reading

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