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Happy New Year

I’d like to emphasize the word ‘Happy’. There’ll be annoying, sad, and scary moments for all of us but sometimes it really is up to us and we just focus on the wrong things. One thing I’ve never understood is … Continue reading

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How important are fan sites still?

Just thinking about fan sites today, and how a lot of the action seems to have moved to Twitter and Facebook. I’m all for new ideas and ways to communicate, and these networking sites seem like a good way of … Continue reading

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Is it just me…

or is there something so very sexy about Ronan at the moment. Not just the fact that he is all smiley and happy again, but he also seems to be gleaming with energy. Obviously another really nice thing is that … Continue reading

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how could you not love him?

Ronan in Vietnam this weekend so good to see that amazing smile back on his face! thank god he’s a happy man again.

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Looking back on 2010

So, why not start this off by talking about how the majority of us Ronan fans are feeling about our man at the moment… to sum it up in one word – proud. He went through hell this year and … Continue reading

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Well…hello world!

Seems like blogs are the big thing again at the moment. And why not? This is going to be a collection of random thoughts about the wonderful Ronan, perhaps a few news updates, not sure how regularly.

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