Ronan in Sydney

Ronan Keating, you may not be perfect but you’re pretty damn close to it. Apart from being a lovely person…he pulls your heartstrings by just looking at you (or the camera for that matter).
Photos courtesy of @NigelStanislaus on Twitter

Ronan in SydneyRonan in Sydney

So he’s going to be starring in the movie “Goddess”,  for which filming has just started. Can you wait?? How great that this is working out for him because we know he’s wanted to be in a movie for years and his first attempt didn’t work out (remember Guns, Money & Home Cooking?)

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“When Ronan Met Burt”

OK so When Ronan Met Burt is beautiful and has been on repeat since it came out… it’s different to everything he’s done before, which is good, it would be nice to get some original Ronan songs again in the near future, but this is a beautiful little record. Ronan’s voice sounds incredible, you can hear he’s put his heart and soul into this, that’s how raw and emotional his vocals are. He’s been saying how difficult it was for him to get it all right in the studio but now when he sings the songs on TV he sounds just as fantastic.
The orchestra is brilliant too, the only ‘downside’ is that it makes all tracks sound a bit similar to each other, not necessarily a bad thing, but – I guess we’re just all hungry for a really new album with different kinds of songs on.

For now all we want is for Ronan to announce some shows with Burt and that would be such a proud moment… come on Ronan!

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“When Ronan Met Burt” Out Now!!

'When Ronan Met Burt'Well, not quite yet, but on Monday, March 21st. Ronan and Burt Bacharach recorded this album in Los Angeles, with Ronan singing, accompanied by a live orchestra, and Burt arranging. Check out more details on Amazon.

Watch a brilliant little documentary on the making of the album on youtube here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 . If that doesn’t make you feel excited then nothing will!

We will post our thoughts on the album next week… meanwhile, tell us what you think!

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I hope this was a rehearsal!

Ronan Keating…and not an actual performance HAHA! Ronan Keating, sometimes I do wonder what you’re thinking.

This is an old photo but I feel it deserves to be shared with the world ;o)

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How important are fan sites still?

Just thinking about fan sites today, and how a lot of the action seems to have moved to Twitter and Facebook. I’m all for new ideas and ways to communicate, and these networking sites seem like a good way of spreading information quickly – but seriously, is anyone today going to read old Twitter posts from, say, September of last year? All of that stuff is pretty much lost after a few weeks, if not days. Which is unfortunate if you’re not that familiar with an artist and want to find some basic information, or a good source for photos, etc. You want some structured information that’s only a few clicks away. You won’t find it amongst all the real-time chat and cluttered posts on Twitter. And yet, that seems to be where everyone’s spending their time at the moment.

I just hope that well-structured, regularly maintained fan sites and message boards don’t completely disappear. You can look back at a forum topic from 2005 today because it’s easy to find and with a bit of luck, links and photos will still be working… but would you know how to find a comment that was posted on Facebook in 2005? It’s like a place without history… it’s all just about the present. If you share your opinion about something on Twitter today, anyone who doesn’t read it at that same moment is unlikely to ever take notice.

All this means that a co-existence can definitely make sense – using social networking to make others aware of something that’s happening right now, getting the word out quickly. But these places just can’t be a collection of useful stuff that will still help people in years to come. We need both, and unfortunately, ‘real’ websites don’t seem to be the big thing at the moment.

With that in mind, please support your favourite fan site or message board today. You’ll be doing your favourite artist a big favour.

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this is my favourite sound in the whole world.

I am so totally, completely in love with Ronan’s voice. If he keeps getting better like that I don’t know what I’m going to be like in another few years’ time.

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Is it just me…

or is there something so very sexy about Ronan at the moment. Not just the fact that he is all smiley and happy again, but he also seems to be gleaming with energy.
Obviously another really nice thing is that he’s got this maturity about him these days which just makes him even more attractive. He was gorgeous ten years ago, but now when he says he has ‘grown into his looks’ us fans couldn’t agree more. He is hot, and it’s not only his looks, it’s his charisma as well. All that combined with his beautiful voice, talking or singing… could he get any better??

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